Fall Fray

East Islip Marina

October 14, 2023

Girls 2nd - 8th Grade

(2034 - 2028)

Minimum 3 games
General Rules

Teams will play 3 full games. Each game will be timed at two 20-minute halves with a 2-minute halftime.
• US Women’s Lacrosse Rules will be followed at ALL levels of play.
• Central horn will be used to start all games, start half time, end half time, end game.
• There will be no playoffs in any division.
• Time outs will not be permitted unless there is an injury. During an injury timeout, the clock will run.
• 8-meter free positions will be played out if foul occurs before time expires (at half or end of game).
Player must go directly to goal, no pass and play ends with shot.
• If the 8-meter is already in play when the game horn sounds, the game is done when the horn sounds. If
a shot is in flight and was released from a stick prior to the horn and goes into the goal- Ruling “good
• Alternate possession – the team listed first on the schedule receives the first alternate possessions.
o After initial possession is awarded, the possession will then alternate
• Yellow and Red Cards will be in effect.
o 1 yellow card – player must sit out for 2 minutes, running clock, the official will keep the card
o 2 yellow cards – player must sit out remaining of game, but can play next game
o Red Card (Player) – player must sit out the remainder of the game and the next game
o Red Card (Coach) – coach is required to leave for remainder of the game
• Modified checking, and three second rule for good defense
• There is no pass requirement.
General Information:
• Toilets are located near the softball fields.
• Trash containers will be everywhere – please use them!
• As with any outdoor event, competition is subject to the elements. Tournament play may be suspended
or cancelled as a result of inclement weather or field safety conditions.
• Safety dictates that competition will cease if thunder is heard or lightning is spotted.
• Games will re-start, in real time, 30 minutes after the last bolt was sighted or sooner if the sky clear
• There shall be no refunds for individual games lost to weather delays. Clubs will be notified if any
weather related refund/credit shall be provided within 30 days following event.


East Islip Marina